Brief History

Japan Power Generation Limited is a public limited company, incorporated on September 29, 1994 under the Companies Ordinance, 1984 and its shares are quoted on the Pakistan Stock Exchange. The principal business of the Company is to generate and supply power to the national grid under the terms of the Government of Pakistan’s Energy Policy of 1994. The Company commenced actual commercial operations on March 14, 2000. The Company’s power plant is located near Jia Bagga railway station, off Raiwind Road, District Lahore, Pakistan, and has an installed capacity of 135 MW. It consists of 24 medium-speed four stroke Mitsubishi diesel engines coupled to Siemens generators with an output of 5.65 MW each, designed for operation on heavy fuel oil (HFO), with start up and shut down operations on high-speed diesel (HSD). All necessary auxiliary equipment and installations such as transmission lines, fuel storage tanks, workshops, switchyard, decanting facilities and fuel-testing laboratory are located within the plant complex, with well-qualified and fully trained staff working in three shifts to operate the plant.

Plant Details

The plant is built on a site of approximately 25 acres in the vicinity of Jia Bagga railway station, off Raiwind Road, District Lahore in the province of Punjab, Pakistan. It consists of 24 medium-speed four stroke gensets of 5.65 MW each running on heavy furnace oil with an installed capacity of 135.6 MW and a rated dependable capacity of 120.5 MW, with 30 day fuel storage capacity, rail and truck decanting facilities and all necessary auxiliaries and infrastructure.